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Water Walkers Conference 2017. Antonio Starr Slated As VIP Speaker!

The Water Walker's Conference 2017 In Greensboro North Carolina Is Almost Upon Us! Ladies and Gentlemen it is an honor and a privilege to have been personally invited to speak at the Water Walkers Conference 2017. Embassy Church's very own Pastor Anthony Knotts called...
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Startup Business | Your Two Priorities To Focus On

This is very critical knowledge for every startup business owner. Of any kind! When it came to my MLM startup business I found myself focusing on the things. I wanted to have a fancy logo, a fancy personal website, a cool brand new personal Facebook page… All of...
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A Hard Head Makes A Soft A$$: Keep On Doing This & Your Business Will Keep On Failing

When all else fails, listen to your business coach! – unknown In a perfect world we'd all have a plan of attack laid out in step by step form for all of our business partners. In a perfect world every team will have an on boarding process that is scalable! Guess...
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MLSP Member Of The Month… Antonio Starr… Wow!

MLSP Member Of The Month?!?!? WOOOOOOOW!! So… I’m checking my Facebook inbox and noticed a new message in my “other” folder. Typically, I am slow to check my other folder because it’s usually some network marketer slamming their company’s flyer in my face. Well, today...
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How I Feel About Working Multiple MLM's

MLM = Multiple Leaping Members?   Did you notice around the first of December 2016 there were a lot of people in MLM secretly promoting a new company? Did they hit you up with their plans to jump ship to in 2017? What is that all about Antonio? I'll tell...
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