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“Thanks for calling. I’m currently out somewhere changing the world…”
This is the greeting you will hear if you call my cell and I do not answer (it happens often because I’m speaking with a partner or a client and they get my undivided attention). This is my credo!

I have done just about every job that you can think of that didn't require much manual labor. I am a disabled veteran of the United States Air Force, I've been a mortgage broker, a retail salesman, a fast food worker, a cubicle slave, the IT guy all the way up to middle management in the IT field (yes, I was at the floor of the top! [some will get that on the drive home]) managing hundreds of people around the globe. I was making the big bucks baby, but one day I did the math on the opportunity cost of making those big bucks and reality slapped me in the face. I was literally selling my soul to corporate America for half of what they were paying me. I quit!

One thing I discovered after leaving corporate America is that I had an amazing gift of motivating, inspiring and igniting others to reach into the depths of themselves and pull out their greatness. It was the most amazing feeling I've ever felt outside of the birth of my children. I became addicted to it. I was addicted to helping others become addicted to achieving their goals, so I turned this new addiction into a business. In December 2014, I wrote a book entitled #FRUGALITYPAYS Money Saving Tips For The Underachiever and released it exclusively on Amazon.  To my utter amazement, it shot to #1 Best Seller! I mean the book was selling like hotcakes and although it was great earning the money, it was far better knowing that my decision to turn myself into a business/brand was solidified with this book.

Since my best seller, I've delved into the world of Network Marketing which took my vision and mission to an entirely different level. I’ve helped hundreds of people get into a position not only to monetize their relationships, but they were also forced to grow as business men and women. Being one to never stop, I am now coaching hundreds of people on the art of branding themselves first! I want to show you the exact same thing.

Be sure to save this blog to your favorites, and join my newsletter while you're at it. I want you to see how we are changing lives daily and you may even learn a thing or two yourself along the way.

Welcome to the ride!

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