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 My $930 smartphone (aka tax write-off) arrived today, and you should know that I really didn't want to buy a new phone. BUT when you're on a party boat filled with business partners in Punta Cana you tend to do dumb stuff. The dumb thing I did was dive into the ocean with my phone in my pocket. In hindsight, it's a cool story to tell, but the reality is I had to shell out cash to get a new phone

My new $930 tax deductible smart phone

What saved me from going totally ballistic is the fact that I knew I could write off the $930 expense for this new fancy phone on my taxes. This is because I am in a home-based business of which I conduct a lot of my business from my phone. I also keep and eye on my team, clients and daily profits made with my cell phone. all of this activity equals a TAX DEDUCTION!  
There are over 450 additional tax breaks we get as home-based travel agency owners which will blow your mind.
If you are still on the fence about launching your travel business because of the cost then I invite you to watch the video below. You will get to see firsthand one of the greatest VALUES of investing in your own business.
Over the last few months, the nation has been at odds because of the rumors that Donald Trump hasn't paid any taxes yet he has not faced any jail time for it. Do you know why he is able to legally get away with paying little to no tax? Because he understands the tax breaks and LEGAL LOOPHOLES!

Watch The Video!

Take a look at the same video I watch before launching

my business and has helped me convert even more bills into expenses. Sorta like our dog's food and grooming… that's tax deductible!!

Watch for yourself and after your mind is blown, text me 559-997-6773 so we can get you in position to turn your 2017 into a fully functional profits, progress, and tax write-off machine!!
See you on the other side of your smart decision.


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